CR Network Solutions offer a wide range of 4G broadband products, ranging from powerful 4G wireless antennas to smaller 4G routers perfect for travelling. CR Network Solutions has the perfect 4G solution for you.

Our 4G system uses a very powerful high gain antenna which picks up the best possible 4G signal from your nearest 4G telephone mast. Using a 4G sim card that’s installed into the router, which can be on any of the major mobile providers, our 4G system will work anywhere.

CR Network Solutions offer various different sim card packages to provide you the customer with the best possible deals. with offers ranging from 50Gb to 300GB a month.

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Why pick a 4G solution?

There are many different ways in which to get superfast broadband. The 4G broadband solution is perfect in areas that can’t receive superfast broadband from the likes of BT through your telephone line.
CR Network Solutions can almost guarantee broadband speeds anywhere between 15mbps -70mbps depending on the local telephone masts capability, with close to 100 installs CR Network Solutions hasn’t been anywhere that the system doesn’t work. Being 4G broadband it means that there is no frustrating delays in loading webpages, like the delays you get with satellite broadband.

Installation Process

Before installing any equipment CR Network Solutions will come out and do a full site survey to prove what speeds we can offer.

  • An external antenna will be fitted to the outside of your business or home.
  • We will then run a Cat5e cable from the antenna to the desired location of the router
  • we will then terminate both ends of the cat5e cable
  • finally we will plug the cables in the devices and precisely align the antenna to receive the best possible 4G signal.

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